Heart-to-Heart Writing

By Tunde Nemeth.  I’m so excited to be back at the Palm Beach Shambhala Centre after a summer in the Great White North, and even more excited to be doing contemplative writing with you again. Thought you might like some idea of what to expect. Without giving too much away, here goes: What this workshop … Continue 

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Using Mindfulness to Understand Stress

By Brett Ferrigan It’s interesting that when we encounter stress–whether from our new smart phone not cooperating, difficulty with a relationship or an unexpected and expensive car repair–our first response is usually not curiosity. Oftentimes we’d like to avoid it or push it away as far as possible. But taking an interest in stress can … Continue 

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Miksang Haiku

Palm Beach Shambhala would like to thank Dorothy DiMambro for her beautiful poetry and photographs.  The next meeting of the Palm Beach Shambhala Miksang group is August 20th at 10 AM. We will be meeting at the Starbuck’s at 350 E Las Olas Blvd. 33301. This month’s theme is Color. Everyone is welcome! Caught, I … Continue 

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Dharma Group

Dharma Study

The Dharma Study Group Needs You! It is the middle of summer and warm breezes have scattered our Sangha  members in many different directions and endeavors. But before we know it Fall will be here with a tempo and energy of its own. This fall we will resume the Dharma Study Group which is still … Continue 

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Mango Peels

More Miksang Haiku

“Mango’ed” Luscious fruit reduced to peels Saved in piles to age with grace New life brings new peels!               “Quiet Contemplative Princess” Majestic frog surveys driveway kingdom Giant fearless palmetto challenges the King’s rule Full toad sleeps well tonight!         Thank you to Robert Walley for … Continue 

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reeds in park_resized_1

Miksang Haiku

The patterns of mind, Through meditation transform. Friends just stopping by           Thank you to Dorothy DiMambro for the picture and haiku.

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Morikami Gardens


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Meditation in Action: Contemplative Arts

Meditation in action, I always liked the sound of that but couldn’t quite envision what it meant. Does walking meditation count? After a bit I came to understand that certain activities have a natural predilection towards a meditative state due to the requirement of focus. Arts such as flower arranging, photography and writing all require … Continue 

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Butterfly JLR

A Walk in the Fog

Many people who search out meditation do it because they have reached some kind of crisis. They simply can’t continue limping along using the broken coping mechanisms that have helped them in the past. I was no exception. My anxiety was choking me.  I wanted relief. I wanted to be able to experience joy without … Continue 

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How Shambhala Changed My Life (and Probably Saved It)

We would like to thank Tunde Nemeth for her reflections on Shambhala and Basic Goodness.  Palm Beach Shambhala is offering Level I, The Art of Being Human May 13th & 14th.  Everyone is welcome, no experience required.  I was a serial self-improver. I’ve spent more time in the self-help aisles of more bookstores than I … Continue 

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