Meditation in Action: Contemplative Arts

Meditation in action, I always liked the sound of that but couldn’t quite envision what it meant. Does walking meditation count? After a bit I came to understand that certain activities have a natural predilection towards a meditative state due to the requirement of focus. Arts such as flower arranging, photography and writing all require … Continue 

A Walk in the Fog

Many people who search out meditation do it because they have reached some kind of crisis. They simply can’t continue limping along using the broken coping mechanisms that have helped them in the past. I was no exception. My anxiety was choking me.  I wanted relief. I wanted to be able to experience joy without … Continue 

How Shambhala Changed My Life (and Probably Saved It)

We would like to thank Tunde Nemeth for her reflections on Shambhala and Basic Goodness.  Palm Beach Shambhala is offering Level I, The Art of Being Human May 13th & 14th.  Everyone is welcome, no experience required.  I was a serial self-improver. I’ve spent more time in the self-help aisles of more bookstores than I … Continue 

Peaceful Abiding

Sitting meditation next to a pool of clear beautiful water… observing the dance of sunlight and shadow, the breeze sending ripples that expand out and dissolve. The awareness of the water is so similar to all that is happening within my mind. Thoughts are ever-present, but there is no need to dwell on them, instead, … Continue 

Writing is for Everyone

There is still time to join the Contemplative Writing Workshop.  For more information and encouragement, read on!  Tunde will be facilitating the workshop this Saturday. WRITING IS FOR EVERYONE Forget everything you’ve ever learned about writing, everything you know about making an outline and following it and sticking to one point per paragraph, forget about … Continue 

Our Daily Zen Bread

Many thanks for this wonderful recipe from our resident chef Robert Walley.  Happy Mindful Baking! Well, I’m back again but this time to share something I have more experience with, as opposed to the yoga. I spent over 35 years as a professional chef which also includes baking and pastry chef.  After my heart surgeries, … Continue 

The Goldilocks Zone: Not Too Loose, Not Too Tight

Another fantastic post inspired by the Yin Yoga weekend meditation program. I was riding my bike the other day when I noticed it was becoming a little bit too effortful to pedal along in the usual range of gears I like to use, the middle range of the 21 gears I have available to me. … Continue 

Exercising a Mindfulness Practice

We would like to thank Robert Walley for his blog contribution about his experience at Yoga!  Yoga classes meet Mondays and Wednesday at the Palm Beach Shambhala Center from 5:00 PM to 6:15 PM.  We look forward to seeing you there. I’ve been wanting to write about the marvelous experience I’ve had since I started … Continue 

Ikebana Club: Perfection Not Required

Congratulations to our Ikebana Club on its first meeting.  Tunde Nemeth, one of the members, was inspired to share her experience with us in this post.  The next meeting is March 16th at 7:30 PM. Perfection Not Required I’ve always loved flowers and I’ve always admired the Japanese art of Ikebana and wondered how it … Continue 

Shambhala Day

Shambhala Day is the celebration of Losar, the Tibetan New Year.  This year it is coming up on the new moon February 9th, ushering in a year of the Fire Monkey. According to Tibetan Astrology by Phillipe Cornu, a Monkey year is “extremely rich and holds many surprises—anything can happen. This is a year in … Continue