Listen & Voice

April 5th—April 26th (2018)

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    Listen & Voice

    Thursday evenings 7:00 - 8:30 pm


    What if we learned to listen to our intuition? 

    Our inner-most being is always trying to communicate with us.    

    This inner voice can provide a foundation of wisdom and clarity from which to operate our lives with elegance and ease. In contrast, this calm voice inside us is often covered over by layers of distracting or destructive thoughts, fears, anxiety, habitual patterns and the opinions of others.

    Through the simple and effective tools of “Listen & Voice” we will regain our ability to strengthen this crucial connection to the treasure inside of us.

    With curiosity, we gently shift our awareness from old patterns of body, speech and mind.  Here, we can access a deeper relaxation, finding more space, accommodation and self acceptance. 

    And by simply listening to who we really are, we can change the story we are telling ourselves about us to a better, more self empowering one. (And maybe someday drop it at all--and just be fully embodied in the present.)

    Life will present itself more as an experience of being in the flow. This is where the magic happens.

    Love offering/ $10 donation requested.