Dharma Study

header-img_5766-TR-centre-templateThe Dharma Study Group Needs You!

It is the middle of summer and warm breezes have scattered our Sangha  members in many different directions and endeavors. But before we know it Fall will be here with a tempo and energy of its own. This fall we will resume the Dharma Study Group which is still in its infancy.  The Buddha and our root teacher Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche stressed the importance of studying the Dharma. Quoting from Meditation In Action, “There are three methods necessary for the cultivation of prajna (wisdom ). These are known in Tibetan as Topa, Sopa and Gompa or Study, Contemplate and Meditate”.

Why study the Dharma? Maybe one answer is that it will inspire us with continual visions and tools of how we can come home to our true awakened selves.  It should also be our goal to take Dharma into the world with us in a practical way.  How to take these teachings from the cushion to our interactions and relationships with others is an important study topic. The Dharma is our rightful inheritance passed down to us by our ancestors who by great effort made sure we would be the beneficiary of these teachings

Our Dharma Study Group can take many forms. I would appreciate your input as to what you would like to study and ideas on the group format. You can leave comments and suggestions on our contact page.  Please choose the “Dharma Study Group” for the subject.  In this group we are all teachers as well as students.  Let’s have fun, lively discussions and be ready to question everything and shake things up including ourselves.

DSG resumes in September every First and Third Thursday 6:30-7:45.

Dr. Jessica Gurvit