Heart of Recovery



Meditation for People in Recovery

Heart of Recovery is open to anyone who is interested in exploring how the path of meditation and the path of recovery intersect. From a contemplative perspective, working with addiction is not about impulsively grabbing for something to stop the desire; it’s more about resting with the raw, naked quality of the urge.  As human beings we are born with an inherent ability to be present for our experience.  This innate quality can also become the basis for our healing.  Being present for our experience brings us to the heart of recovery.

Our Heart of Recovery Open House is open to brand new as well as experienced meditation practitioners as well as individuals working with recovery from their own addiction to substances and behaviors as well as individuals whose lives have been impacted by addiction.

No meditation experience is necessary.  Newcomers will learn basic meditation techniques to enhance, not replace, their own recovery program in a familiar and comfortable environment. Experienced meditators will discover new ways to deepen their current practice while supporting the group.

Meeting format includes:

  • sitting practice
  • a topic offering in the form of brief comments or a reading by the night’s facilitator
  • discussion and exploration by group members
  • sharing our experience, strength and hope
  • dedication of merit

Open to all who are:

  • Buddhist practitioners from any tradition
  • 12 Step practitioners from any program
  • Individuals interested in exploring the relationship of meditation to recovery from addiction and addictive behaviors

For more information you may contact:

Dorothy: 732/ 299-9426

Tom:  310/ 901-8082

The meeting is free to attend, but we ask for a donation of any size to help cover costs.

Please join us!